Bass For Congress - DCCC Tries to Buy New Hampshire

April 20, 2012
Keep Annie Kuster's Washington Friends Out of NH!

Dear Friend,

In case you missed it, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington announced they are pouring more than a half million dollars into New Hampshire in support of Annie Kuster; hoping to bring another ally to Washington to support an agenda of more spending, more taxes and more government involvement in your life. You and I both know New Hampshire can't be bought with outside special interest money. But to succeed in spreading our message of fiscal responsibility, and winning this November, it's imperative we act now.

I am committed to cutting spending, reforming the programs that are bankrupting our nation and ensuring taxes are lower and our tax code is simpler and fairer.

Please help me in this effort by clicking here and donating $25, $50 or $100 today and lets send a message that our commitment in New Hampshire to defeating the big government, big spending and big taxing agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama is greater than any amount of money Annie Kuster's friends in Washington, DC can spend!!!

Click Here to contribute! Your involvement matters more than ever!

Thanks so much for all of your support and friendship.