Frank's Footnotes Newsletter: Honoring Greenland's Fallen Police Chief

New Hampshire’s Shared Grief: Honoring Greenland’s Fallen Police Chief

New Hampshire paused Thursday morning to honor a brave man. Thousands of people from all over New Hampshire – and from all across America, too – gathered in Greenland to pay their respects to Police Chief Michael Maloney. He was killed in last week’s brutal shooting during a drug raid that left four other law enforcement officers seriously injured. I joined U.S. Attorney General Holder, Governor Lynch and New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation at the funeral.

Chief Maloney’s death is a harsh reminder of a truth we too often take for granted: our families live in peace and security because of the dedicated service of those who protect us. Whether it is a police officer on his beat or a state trooper on a midnight patrol, our lives are protected by all who wear a badge. And Chief Maloney’s dedication makes us remember that our defenders are willing to sacrifice their life in the line of duty, if need be.

I join with all Granite Staters in telling Chief Maloney’s family, plus the four other recovering police officers and their families, how very grateful we are for their dedicated service.

Holding Them Accountable: Going After Waste in the GSA

Click image to watch me questioning GSA Administrators.

Whenever your tax dollars are wasted, the people who spent them should be held accountable. That’s especially true when those people are federal employees, and when they waste more than $820,000 of your tax dollars.

I serve on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (OGR), and was actively involved in Monday’s first Congressional hearing into a spectacularly wasteful conference for General Services Administration (GSA) workers in 2010. That event in Las Vegas seemed almost designed from the get-go to waste money on an excessive scale. I wanted answers, just like you do. When my turn to ask questions came, I was eager to know if the Obama Administration knew about this scandal before we were all made aware. Click here to watch video of my questioning.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents all agree there is no excuse for squandering your hard earned tax dollars on a self-indulgent binge for federal employees. The GSA is charged with responsibly managing federal buildings and vehicles. Yet the very people we count on to look after the government’s interest violated the public trust on a large scale. This is a very serious breach of faith. What’s worse, House OGR Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said a report on the scandal “is just the tip of the iceberg” on wasteful spending in the GSA.

I’ll have more to say about the hearings in my “Frankly Speaking” column. I will also keep you updated on what we discover about waste in the GSA, and what will be done to stop it.

Big Boost for Small Business: The Small Business Tax Cut Act Passes the House

It was a big victory for New Hampshire’s small businesses Thursday when the House approved H.R. 9, The Small Business Tax Cut Act in a 235-173 vote. I’m a cosponsor of this bill, too.

The measure would lower tax rates by 20% on millions of small businesses, from the very smallest mom-and-pop stores to manufacturing and service companies. That, in turn, would free up capital and allow them to invest, expand and hire more workers.

Remember: the more we help job creators grow and expand, the sooner our economy will fully recover.

Your Congressman on the Line: My Latest Tele-Town Hall

Questions about Medicare, concerns about medical treatment for military veterans, and a call for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline were among more a dozen issues I discussed during a Tele-Town Hall conference call Wednesday evening. I spent an hour with nearly 7,000 Granite Staters, taking their questions and listening to their concerns.

Tele-Town Halls help me stay in touch with you while I’m working in Washington. They also let me know what is on your mind. I believe a Congressman has a duty to stay in touch with his constituents, and Tele-Town Halls are just one of the many ways I do this.

From College to Capitol Hill: New Hampshire Students Visit my DC Office

I got the chance on Tuesday to sit down with some New Hampshire college students who are participating in the Washington Center for Internships. This program includes many diverse internships around the Capital. It was great to talk with these students and learn about their experience here in Washington. I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors, and hope they enjoy their final weeks in Washington.

(Pictured above: Austin Perea, UNH, Derry; Alexandra Priest, UNH, Derry; Seana Fraser, UNH, Barrington; Steve DiChiara, Southern University of New Hampshire, Newton; Merhawi Wells-Bogue, UNH.)