NH DOC - Volunteers Recognized at the NH State Prison for Women

(Goffstown, NH)  The New Hampshire State Prison for Women recognized its volunteers during the annual Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony at the Goffstown facility. Rachel Green, of Girl Scouts Behind Bars and Eleanor Therrien, who provides relapse prevention support, were the two volunteers who were recognized jointly as Volunteers of the Year.

Girl Scouts Behind Bars allows the inmates to meet with their daughters in an organized fashion to participate in official Girl Scouts activities.  Eleanor “Ellie” Therrien offers relapse prevention support and case management in a volunteer capacity.

Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn said, “Prison volunteers offer a wide array of opportunities from spiritual support and life skills to educational and recreational activities.  These along with department-run programs and treatment provide a good foundation for successful offender re-entry into the community. We truly appreciate the efforts of our volunteers throughout the year.”

Nearly one hundred people volunteer their time at the New Hampshire State Prison for Women.