CEI Today: SCOTUS considers free speech, immigration, as the UN Earth Summit gears up


Gag Rule for Hedge Funds Challenged in Supreme Court on First Amendment Grounds in Bulldog Investors v. Galvin


Massachusetts fined Bulldog Investors, an out-of-state hedge fund, $25,000 because it had a website promoting the hedge fund, and emailed information about the hedge fund to a Massachusetts resident, even though neither he nor the hedge fund intended to enter into a securities transaction, and Massachusetts admits the hedge fund was not trying to sell him anything.

Massachusetts argues in essence that the hedge fund needs to shut up to avoid “conditioning the market” for its product, an investment that only “sophisticated” investors with lots of money are legally allowed to buy. Massachusetts’ ban is based on the paternalistic desire to keep people in the dark about hedge funds for their own good. 
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Fed-Soc.org: An Assessment of the June 2012 Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

This third Earth Summit, now colloquially known as UNCSD 2012 or Rio+20,3 is scheduled to occur in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 20 to 22, 2012. World political leaders are expected to attend, although progress and other events will dictate at what level. The UK’s David Cameron had publicly indicated he will not attend, and the U.S. State Department privately says the same about President Obama. 

Rio+20 is best publicly framed in its run-up as another step in the movement away from the failed “climate” agenda as the principal vehicle for a particular agenda of environmental and economic governance, toward “sustainability.” This term, which is so ambiguous that it draws protests even from nations intended to benefit from wealth and technology transfers in its name, nonetheless has particular meaning in the eyes of the agenda’s supporters. Comments such as those cited above should help the public gain at least some appreciation of what is intended by and at stake in these talks. > Read the full commentary on Fed-soc.org

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Openmarket.org: SB 1070 Summary: Read Arizona’s Controversial Immigration Law!

Arizona’s controversial immigration law — SB 1070 — heads to the Supreme Court this week. One can only hope that the Justices do a better job reading the law than much of the media. False claims about the law abound, so here’s an overview directly from the law’s text. Recognizing that this is an artificial distinction, I’ve divided my summary in half by “anti-immigrant provisions” and “anti-business provisions.” > Read more at Openmarket.org


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