ALG's Daily Grind: Son of SOPA

April 26, 2012


Son of SOPA

Having failed earlier this year to foist an Orwellian kill switch on Internet free speech, Congress is now peddling a kinder, gentler piece of "cybersecurity legislation."

Video: Obama's Blunders-The Admin. Crushes The Kids

College kids have tough times around the corner. They probably won't find a good job. A new report has startling statistics on college graduates. Check out this blunder-ful story.

Louisiana Lawmakers Reactivate Payroll Protection Debate

State proposals figure into a larger national movement built around state initiatives that would prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to support political candidates and public policy proposals aligned with the preferences of organized labor.

Fed downgrades economic outlook, unemployment to remain at 7 percent through Jan. 2014

Barack Obama has his work cut out for himself getting reelected in 2012 when no president has been reelected since FDR with a jobless rate higher than 7.2 percent.