Soucy For NH Senate - I'm running!

Dear Friend:

I can't believe what has happened in Concord over the past year -- instead of focusing on what matters most to New Hampshire families' - a sound economy, quality jobs and educational opportunities - this legislature has focused on the Tea Party agenda of dismantling public education, cutting funding for higher education in half, attacking workers, denying women access to basic healthcare, putting law enforcement in harm's way and obliterating consumer protections.
The people of Senate District 18, comprised of Manchester's Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and Litchfield, deserve so much more and that is why I am running for the New Hampshire State Senate. I want to expand the opportunities the people of Manchester and Litchfield have to compete for good jobs, to receive a quality education for their children and to access quality health care.
The challenges we face are many but I know with your help we can win this race. With your help I will wage a strong campaign, going door to door talking to voters exposing what the extremists in Concord have done. With your help I can take my message of improving public education and rebuilding our economy.
Your early contribution is crucial to my ability to wage an effective and winning campaign. Please visit my secure Act Blue page and contribute today!