ALG's Daily Grind: The real judicial extreme

April 2, 2012


The real judicial extreme

Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy: "if one provision was stricken and the others remained to impose a risk on insurance companies that Congress had never intended. [that] can be argued at least to be a more extreme exercise of judicial power. than striking the whole."

Video: Canada uses limited government concepts to build its economy, eh?

There is new legislation in Canada to make oil production easier. That's just one of the things it has done to build its bottom line. Check out our look at how our neighbors to the north have been growing financially.

Obama's 'You're on your own' economy

Obama's most common pass-the-blame scheme is faulting every economic woe in America on those that think people should be free to make their own economic decisions.

Hashtags are the new bumper stickers

Politics has been irrevocably added to the list of things to blog and tweet and tumble about.