CEI Today: H-1B Visas, property rights in space, and orphan drugs


H-1B Visa Applications Start This Week, But Reforms Desperately Needed

On Monday the government began accepting applications for the H-1B visa, a highly coveted but overly regulated work visa for highly skilled workers.  Reforming the H-1B’s restrictions is desperately needed.  As Alex Nowrasteh describes in the CEI report, H-1B Visas: A Case for Open Immigration of Highly Skilled Workers, the U.S. should allow foreign skilled workers to move here without restrictions.  > Read the full comment on CEI.org

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CEI.org: New Study Calls for Recognition of Private Property Claims in Space


This week, the Competitive Enterprise Institute released a new study by Adjunct Scholar Rand Simberg: Homesteading the Final Frontier: A Practical Proposal for Securing Property Rights in Space. Simberg argues that the U.S. should recognize transferable off-planet land claims under conditions such as those outlined by the proposed Space Settlement Prize Act, which Simberg renames the Space Homesteading Act. > Read more on CEI.org

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Bio-itworld.com: The Orphan Drug Conundrum

It's not a crisis. Yet. Bigger health care issues loom. Right now. There are still fortunes to be made. While it lasts. But one could hardly ask for a more interesting case study on the collision of medicine, economics, and democracy than the explosive growth of so-called orphan drugs. These are drugs designed to extract extraordinary amounts of other people's money serving the needs of tiny, desperate patient populations. 

The figures are indeed large: $500,000 per patient per year in the case of the current record holder, Soliris, which treats a rare blood cancer; $30,000 per year for the “cheap” stuff. And many of these, particularly the enzyme replacements, are treatments, not cures.
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