Free Keene News - Bicyclist Violently Attacked by KPD Officer - Video and Audio

Officer Fintan Moore of the Keene Police Department has been seen revealing his temper before.

Now it's shown crystal clear on HD video.  

Free Keene blogger Derrick J Freeman was riding home on his bike when Moore hits him with his car door while driving, gets out, sticks his asp in Derricks wheel spokes - throwing him from his bike, hits him, and shoves his face in the ground.  You can see video of the attack, including revealing police scanner audio, and the subsequent arrest all here.  

What was Moore going after Derrick for in the first place?  Was it murder?  Rape?  No.. Moore had papers to serve Derrick, which had already been served by Officer Tim Peloquin less than an hour prior.

Now Derrick J. is sitting in the Cheshire jail.  Bail is set at $5,000 and he is charged with "Disobeying an Officer", "Resisting Arrest", and "Contempt of Court".