Maggie Hassan Launches Innovate New Hampshire Tour at Adept MobileRobots

AMHERST, NH – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan today launched her Innovate New Hampshire Tour with a stop at Adept MobileRobots in Amherst.  Hassan toured the company and met with Jeanne Dietsch, Co-Founder of Adept MobileRobots and former ConVal School Board member, Gary Fischer, the company’s Director of Manufacturing and employees to discuss what has made their business successful here in New Hampshire.  

“As I travel across the state and talk to business leaders, educators and workers, a story I have heard all too often is that while New Hampshire businesses are looking to hire new employees, they are struggling to find qualified applicants to fill these often hi-tech jobs,” said Hassan.  “I’m running for Governor to make New Hampshire’s workforce the best in the nation by aligning our educational system with the needs of 21st century businesses like Adept MobileRobots.  This is how we’ll attract great businesses, create jobs and continue to lead in innovation.”

“With strong public schools, community colleges, voc-techs, and world-class colleges and universities, New Hampshire’s educational facilities are the envy of many states.   However, the state legislature has cut public universities by 50 percent. We need to make education a priority so we can attract business and create jobs here in New Hampshire,” said Hassan.

“Adept MobileRobots is a great example of a New Hampshire business that has tapped our educational system for talent to feed their growth and continue to innovate,” said Hassan.  “We need grow our talent pool and make it easier for businesses to tap into that talent pool.  I’m here today to hear how Adept MobileRobots has been successful and what we can do to attract more business like them to New Hampshire to provide good jobs and opportunity to Granite Staters.”  

As part of the Innovate New Hampshire Tour, Hassan is meeting with business leaders, educators and workers to talk about making New Hampshire’s workforce the best in the country by aligning our educational system with the needs of 21st century businesses and continuing to innovate in both the private and public sectors.  More dates and locations will be announced soon.


About Adept MobileRobots

MobileRobots was founded by Jeanne Dietsch in 1995 in Amherst, and in 2010 was acquired by Adept Technology of Pleasanton, CA.  Now called Adept MobileRobots, the company develops autonomous mobile robots for a variety of uses, including research, transport, manufacturing, warehouse management, and security.  Adept MobileRobots makes robots for air, land, and sea.  Research teams monitoring coral reefs and other underwater ecosystems, for instance, use the underwater robots.   The land robots are often used for mapping or reconnaissance purposes.  They are also used in hospitals, labs, and warehouses to precisely transport fragile items. Adept MobileRobots’ clients include BAE, Carnegie Mellon, H-P, Hitachi, Intel, John Deere, Microsoft, MIT, SAIC, Siemens, and the US Army & Navy.