Heritage - Saving America From Failure

We've witnessed the struggles of the American economy and the government attempts to intervene and "fix" things. Heritage research and recent history confirms what conservatives always have known, which is that government programs are not the solution, they are the problem. This fall America will send a new batch of leaders to Washington who will hopefully arrive with a plan to get government out of the way and allow American ingenuity and entrepreneurship to provide a real and sustained recovery.


What Would It Take For America to Fail?
An organization called FreeMarketAmerica.org has created a series of videos explaining how important free markets are to sustaining and growing American prosperity. One video cites Heritage's Index of Economic Freedom when describing our nation's multi-year economic slide. The most popular video, entitled "If I wanted America to fail," articulates what an administration might hypothetically do to inflict the greatest economic harm on the country.


Are Companies Too Big or Too Small To Fail?
The current debate on Capitol Hill is over whether small post offices should be closed in order to cut costs for the beleaguered USPS. Will the agency cut costs and innovate or become an even larger encumbrance on the taxpayer by sustaining tiny post offices for the sake of nostalgia? James Gattuso tackles the issue in a recent Issue Brief on regulation.


Now Online: A Clause-By-Clause Guide to the Constitution
Heritage just launched an online version of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution that provides a brief and accurate explanation of each clause of the Constitution. Three key benefits of the online format are: the content is completely searchable, the website provides links to Heritage research papers and analysis, and free access to the entire book makes it an attractive teaching companion. This tool will help American citizens and lawmakers develop a deeper understanding of what the Constitution really means, so please spread the word about ConstitutionOnline.com through your social networks.

New Insider Magazine: Obamacare vs. Liberty
The spring edition of Heritage's quarterly magazine The Insider has just been released with a brand new look! This issue features an article entitled "Obamacare vs. Liberty." Visit InsiderOnline to download your PDF copy today.

National Standards Say: "I'm From the Government & I'm Here to Help"
The federal government is using a combination of carrots and sticks to encourage states to sign on to the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Relying on government bureaucrats in Washington, DC to know what's best for your child is never a good idea.  Learn why Heritage education expert Lindsey Burke rejects the idea of federal standards and what we should do about it in her Backgrounder on the subject.

The Values Bus Tour
The next leg of the bus tour swings through Colorado. In June the bus will visit Wisconsin. For detailed tour dates and information please visit www.ValuesBus.com.