NHDP -Bill O'Brien, Legislative Republicans Give Millions Away to Big Tobacco/Tax Evaders

While Cutting Funding for Higher Ed, Health Care


CONCORD - Speaker Bill O'Brien and legislative Republicans have given millions in tax dollars away to big tobacco and tax evaders, while cutting funding for health care and education, said Collin Gately, spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"Speaker Bill O'Brien has corrupted the budget process by putting big tobacco and tax evaders ahead of the people of New Hampshire," Gately said. "Now we're starting to see the full cost."


O'Brien and legislative Republicans cut the tobacco tax by 10 cents. Now, tobacco revenues are already $17.5 million below last year. They also cut the number of state auditors by 30 percent. According to the latest state revenue report, audit revenues are 37 percent behind last year - a large reason why business taxes came in below expectations for the month.  


"To pay for their tax giveaways, O'Brien and legislative Republicans cut funding for higher education by half, cut services for people with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities, and raised hospital taxes," Gately said. "It's time for leadership that will put the people of New Hampshire before tobacco companies and tax evaders."


Republicans built their budget with a $14 million shortfall for fiscal year 2012. New Hampshire also faces a revenue shortfall from hospitals challenging a Republican leadership tax increase.