NHDP - Democrats Take Platform Committee to the Disenfranchised

CONCORD, NH - With Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party allies waging an all out war on education in general, and college students in particular, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has decided to take its Platform Committee listening tour directly to those affected by the Republican Party's draconian attacks.


"Not content with passing oppressive voter registration laws directly targeting university students, Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party associates have slashed funding for the University System by half, while at the same time passing legislation that will force the system to duplicate functions and waste money by eliminating the Chancellor's Office," said Democratic Platform Committee Co-Chair and Manchester Alderman Patrick Arnold. 


"As a result of this full fledged attack on college students throughout the state, the New Hampshire Democratic Party Platform Committee has decided to do something that Bill O'Brien and company never would: listen to those heavily affected by his out-of-touch policies," said Arnold. 


The Platform Committee will be making stops at Keene State College and Dartmouth College to get input from local Democrats as they put together a platform that represents a unified statement of Democratic ideals and values. Any Democrat is welcome to attend and offer their input as to what should be contained in this year's Platform.


The Platform committee will be in Keene on April 14th at 5 PM in the Mountain View Room of the Student Center at Keene State College, then on April 16th it will be in Hanover, in Room 3 of the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College.