Durham Town Council Completes 2012 Annual Performance Evaluation for Town Administrator Todd Selig

FROM:           Durham Town Offices

DATE:            April 4, 2012

RE:                  Durham Council Completes 2012 Annual Performance Evaluation

for Town Administrator Todd Selig         

The Durham Town Council recently completed the annual performance evaluation for long-time Durham Town Administrator Todd Selig. 

Pursuant to Administrator Selig’s Employment Agreement with the Town, commencing in April of each year the Town Council and Selig mutually establish goals and objectives which they deem necessary and appropriate for the proper management of the Town during the succeeding twelve (12) months.

Each January thereafter, the Town Council evaluates Selig’s performance in accord with the criteria provided to Selig by the Town Council the preceding April.

Councilors decided to use the same process as in past years in which board members utilized a one page evaluation matrix outlining key elements of importance and ranking the administrator’s performance (on a scale of 1 to 5) for each of these elements which included five categories: Ability to maintain or improve strong relationships, Financial oversight and Initiative, Leadership, Initiative, and Other.  Rankings included: 5=Excellent, 4=Very Good, 3=Good, 2=Acceptable, 1=Unacceptable.

The objective of this process was to develop a consensus of the Council regarding the performance of the Administrator over the course of the previous year and to offer collective guidance for the upcoming year. 

At the request of Mr. Selig, the evaluation process was conducted in public session so that Durham citizens could be fully apprised of the performance of their Town Administrator.

During a particularly difficult economic time, Mr. Selig’s ratings increased from a total aggregate score across all categories in 2011 of 4.32 to 4.4 in 2012. 

Rating highlights include:

A score of 5 for serving citizens effectively and efficiently.

A score of 4.9 in responsiveness to Town Council concerns.

A score of 4.9 for financial performance of the Town.

A score of 4.2 for providing strong management of town staff.

A score of 2.8 for improving the performance of town staff.

A score of 4.9 for Fiscal responsibility.

A score of 5 for creation of the budget within Council guidelines.

A score of 5 for the ability to be a visionary for future community planning.

Quotes from the consolidated evaluation:

“Durham is fortunate to have Todd as our administrator.  He is fair, always available, always respectful, listens well, responds well, works hard and does all this with a positive attitude.”

“Todd remains a vital cog in the operations and management of the town.  His strengths clearly lie in budgetary matters where he excels at constructing a budget that attempts to balance the needs and desires of stakeholders.  This is a difficult balance.”

Only Mr. Selig’s annual performance evaluation was required to be completed in 2012 as the Council adopted a resolution in 2011 approving his employment agreement for a period of three years extending from 1/1/11 to 12/31/13 and establishing his base annual salary at $110,000 annually.

Mr. Selig, originally from Laconia, has been Durham Town Administrator since 2001.

The 2012 performance evaluation matrix and consolidated summary is attached.