Kevin Smith: State Needs to Investigate Claims of Medicaid Fraud Immediately

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, made the following statement regarding legislation that has been introduced as a result of a report by Lexis-Nexis of potential fraud and abuse in the Food Stamp and Medicaid programs:

“The recent information produced by Lexis-Nexis in its report suggests that there may be significant potential fraud in welfare programs such as Food Stamps and Medicaid - and to the extent that the report is accurate, it is my hope that Health and Human Services will waste no time in investigating these potential claims of fraud.  I’ve said that we can and should be doing more to improve state government, and as governor, I will ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively, and always in a responsible manner.

“The plan I recently introduced – called New Hampshire’s Future Is Now – calls for modernizing the state's technology infrastructure to better serve citizens and businesses while also empowering state employess to more efficiently do their jobs.  By identifying better solutions and leveraging private sector resources, such as using services that allow our employees to cross-check databases from around the country, we can transform state government in this area. The state can ensure that only eligible recipients receive state benefits right when they enter the system, thus significantly reducing the long-term costs associated with fraudulent transactions."

“Removing ineligible recipients from the rolls is not about cutting services, it is about stopping cheaters, improving benefits and services for those legitimately in need, and ensuring taxpayer dollars are being used for their intended purposes. It allows the state to do more for recipients, not less.  As governor, I look forward to improving these programs to the benefit of all New Hampshire citizens.”