CEI Weekly: Private Property Rights in Outer Space

Friday, April 6, 2012




Feature: Rand Simberg explains how we can begin to develop outer space.

FEATURE: Private Property Rights in Outer Space


This week, CEI released a new study by Adjunct Scholar Rand Simberg: Homesteading the Final Frontier: A Practical Proposal for Securing Property Rights in Space. Simberg argues that the U.S. should recognize land claims on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. Read more about the study here. Also, see the articles about the study below.


Wired: Loophole Could Allow Private Land Claims on Other Worlds

Popular Science: Free-Market Fans Encourage Rush for Off-Planet Real Estate

The Daily Mail: Billionaires Should Be Allowed to Buy Up Planets and Rip Up an Out-of-Date Space Treaty

The Washington Times: Fly Me to the Moon

The Daily Caller: GOP Elders Conflicted About Future NASA, Commercial Space Projects





Obama Kills Coal--As Promised

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April 5, 2012: The Export-Import Bank


Every year, Washington spends more than $90 billion on corporate welfare – giving taxpayer dollars to private businesses. The Export-Import Bank is one of the most flagrant corporate welfare programs. A vote to reauthorize it recently failed both Houses of Congress, but will likely come up again soon. Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray thinks the Export-Import Bank should become an ex-bank.