Cooler Heads Digest 6 April 2012


This week, we are publishing a truncated version of the Cooler Heads Digest. The full Digest will return next week. Have a happy Easter!

In the News

California Cap-and-Trade: Making Ourselves Dirtier and Poorer
Tom Tanton, Master Resource, 5 April 2012

Healthy Polar Bear Populations Confound Alarmists
Paul Walde, Globe and Mail, 5 April 2012

Another Taxpayer Funded Solar Company Looks Like a Failure
Paul Chesser, National Legal and Policy Center, 5 April 2012

It’s Not ‘All of the Above’ After All
Robert Bryce, National Review Online, 5 April 2012

Germany Has Its Solyndra Moment
Romina Boccia, The Foundry, 4 April 2012

EPA’s Voodoo Economics
David Bier,, 3 April 2012

EPA’s War on Coal Escalates
Iain Murray, Washington Times, 1 April 2012

California Faces Increasing Reliance on High Priced Imports
Ronald White, Los Angeles Times, 30 March 2012

News You Can Use
Models Wrong Again

In an excellent oped published in last week’s Wall Street Journal, Princeton physics professor William Happer debunks a number of commonly held alarmist talking points about climate change. Click here to read the article, titled “Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again.”

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