Statement of Jackie Cilley on endorsement by out-of-state PAC Emily's List

Barrington, NH – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley issued the following statement regarding the endorsement received today by Maggie Hassan.
"By announcing Maggie Hassan as its candidate of choice today, Emily's List has shown a lack of sensitivity to the electoral process here in New Hampshire. Only a few weeks ago Emily's List advised me that Hampshire voters would have the chance to choose their preferred candidate at the Primary prior to any decision being taken regarding endorsement. At no time did we ever sit down and discuss my experience and commitment to women's issues, my campaign plan and the qualifications of my team. Whatever the reasons,  Emily's List made its choice now, even prior to formal electoral filing dates and without a discussion with their members in the State. Many of their members endorse my candidacy and and have expressed deep disappointment over these recent developments.

By acting prematurely, the actions take by Emily's List can potentially divide the women's community and weaken the Democratic primary process.  Let our voters decide who they think is the best person to be Governor. Let the will of the people determine the electoral outcome of the Primary and save the influence of Emily's List to help with winning the race against the Republicans."