Shea-Porter statement on GOP Reconciliation Bill

New Hampshire- Today, former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who is running for Congress in the First Congressional District, released the following statement about Tea Party Congressman Frank Guinta’s  extreme vote on the GOP Budget Reconciliation Bill.

“Republican Tea Partier Congressman Frank Guinta voted to hurt the people of New Hampshire today, when he voted to cut public health funding, Meals on Wheels, food programs for poor children and the elderly, child protective services, transportation for people with disabilities, help for cancer victims, etc. This is a very long and very cruel hit list, but missing from the list are Congressman Frank Guinta's Big Oil donors and his millionaire corporate donors.  In spite of groups such as March of Dimes, Catholic Charities, AARP, and the American Public Health Association begging him to reconsider, Congressman Frank Guinta voted to take a hot meal away from the poor and the old rather than ask his campaign donors to pay their fair share. New Hampshire will remember his cruelty in November.”