CEI Weekly: Workers Prevented From Leaving Unions

Friday, May 11, 2012




Feature: Labor bosses aren't respecting workers' choices.

FEATURE: Workers Prevented From Leaving Unions


In tough economic times, having labor bosses who demand dues and force strikes can be a hard extra burden. That's why some workers are now trying to leave their unions. But in California, the SEIU is fighting desperately to prevent workers' exit. Warren Brookes Fellow Matt Patterson and Labor Policy Analyst Trey Kovacs explain what's going on in a Washington Times op-ed this week. Read the op-ed here.






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May 10, 2012: Freeing Our Farms


Immigration Policy Analyst David Bier explains how the Labor Department’s byzantine restrictions on immigrant agricultural workers hurt immigrants and native-born Americans alike. Current immigration policy keeps many immigrants in dangerous black markets, raises food prices for consumers, makes it difficult for farmers to hire workers and create jobs, and reduces the government’s tax revenues.




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