Josiah Bartlett Center Weekly Update (5/11)

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School Choice to be Decided on Next Week 

One of the most important issues to be taken up by the Legislature this session is giving additional education opportunities to students in New Hampshire who currently only have one choice. This has been an important issue of ours for the past decade and will come to ahead next Wednesday in the House. The House will decide the fate of the School Choice Scholarship Act, which will make a huge difference in the lives of kids across the state. No longer will school choice just be an option for the wealthy; this bill opens the gates for the lower and middle income families to have that choice too. For those who might not have been paying as close attention to the issue as we have, I encourage you to click the links below to learn more about this important issue.

First off, a comprehensive study by Research Fellow Jason Bedrick on Scholarship Tax Credits, the program under consideration by the House. Click here to read the full report.

Secondly, my column that appeared in the Union Leader a few weeks back on the issue. Click here to read it. 


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Campaign Finance

NH Senate Considers Reporting Requirements for Critics

Criticizing members of the New Hampshire Legislature would trigger stiff new reporting requirements, but praising incumbents or attacking their opponents would be free from state oversight, under an amendment to be considered by the New Hampshire Senate..... Click here to read more.

 Charlie on NH Today

Hot Topics in Concord

Charlie Arlinghaus and Jack Heath discuss education funding, public pension reform, and the proper way to say Windham in this installment of the Josiah Bartlett Report. Click Here to Listen..

NHRS Sees Strong 3rd Quarter

Investments Still Lag for Year

The recently released investment return figures from the third quarter show that while the New Hampshire Retirement System investment fund saw a 8.4% return in the corpus’s investments, beating the benchmark, the fund has only seen returns of just under 3% so far for the year, leaving the potential that the 7.75% assumed rate of return will not be met...Click here to keep reading.