NH Senator Sylvia Larsen - Mother's Day

Dear Friend,   


Every year on Mother's Day I am reminded of the most important gifts I have in this world - my children.   It is because of my children I first entered public service, and it is the hope for a better future for them that spurs my continued  service.


I am proud of the work Democrats in the State Senate have accomplished to protect and strengthen our children's future:
  • Making public kindergarten available to everychild and cutting our state's high school dropout rate by more than half.
  • Expanding access to affordable and quality medical care, such as allowing young people to stay on their parents' health insurance until age 26
  • Preserving our natural resources and environment
  • Creating good jobs for all New Hampshirecitizens
  • Standing up for the civil rights of all our citizens


This weekend as I reflect on all the good work we have done,I also remember and honor the many years of leadership provided to our state by the women who have come before us - Mary Louise Hancock, Eileen Foley, Pat Russell, Dudley Dudley, Mary Chambers, Bev Hollingworth, and the first legislative body with a female majority in the country which I was honored to lead in 2009 and 2010. 


New Hampshire is also the first and only state in the country to elect a woman as both a Governor and United States Senator - Jeanne Shaheen.  This fall, Senator Shaheen will be joined by two passionate and dedicated women in Congress - Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster. With your help, New Hampshire will elect a female Governor and she will need  the support of  a strong  majority of  House and  Senate Democrats to return responsible leadership to our state.


Please join me this Mother's Day in celebrating the great work done by New Hampshire women of the years with your contribution to  the  Senate Democratic Caucus today.


I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and hope you are surrounded  by your family and friends.

Senator Sylvia Larsen