NHDP - Marriage Equality

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I was so proud of President Obama yesterday when he announced his support for marriage equality. 



In New Hampshire, we have led the way on the important issues of equality.  In 2009, New Hampshire became the first state with a marriage equality law passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor.  When Bill O'Brien voted to repeal this law earlier this year, Governor Lynch promised a veto and Democrats and Republicans stood up to him and said no.  And our own U.S. Senator, Jeanne Shaheen has been a staunch advocate for marriage equality in New Hampshire and on a national level. 



But this battle is not over.  That is why we need you to show your support for President Obama, Governor Lynch, and Senator Shaheen by donating $100, $50, or $25 today. 



Republicans have made clear they will not stop until they repeal marriage equality.  Yesterday, candidate for governor (and former National Organization for Marriage lobbyist) Kevin Smith said "the President and the Democrats are using divisive social issues to distract from the real problems." 



But it is Kevin Smith, Ovide Lamontagne, and Bill O'Brien who are trying to distract us from their extreme positions.  Ovide Lamontagne proudly stood with Bill O'Brien at a rally recently and promised to make repealing marriage equality a priority.  Kevin Smith spent years leading Cornerstone, an anti-marriage equality, anti-choice organization.



In 2010, Republicans claimed they would focus on jobs and the economy, not social issues.  Yet, we have seen a steady stream of legislation aimed at repealing marriage equality and limiting reproductive freedom.  Right now the House is holding a bipartisan jobs bill hostage - one doubling the research-and-development tax credit - to its anti-choice agenda.



We won't be fooled again.  But we need your donation of $100, $50, or $25 today to stand up to their attacks.



In 2010, the National Organization for Marriage spent millions of dollars attacking Governor Lynch and other Democrats for their support of equality.  It is once again promising to spend big in New Hampshire to defeat pro-equality legislators and to elect an anti-equality Governor.  



We need your support to defend our candidates from these attacks.  We need to keep New Hampshire and the nation moving forward.



Thank you for your generosity,




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