NHDP - Who Will Kelly Choose: NH Businesses or the Tea Party?

Will Kelly Ayotte Stand With NH Small Businesses

Or Jim DeMint on Export-Import Bank?


CONCORD - As she continues her campaign for the GOP vice presidential nod, Sen. Kelly Ayotte will need to decide next week whether she will stand with New Hampshire small businesses or the Tea Party and Sen. Jim DeMint on the extension of the Export-Import Bank.


"Once again, New Hampshire is left wondering whether Kelly Ayotte will stand for its interests or stand with the Tea Party and her political aspirations," said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "The Export-Import Bank is helping make it possible for New Hampshire companies to sell their products around the world, creating jobs right here in our state. Kelly Ayotte should tell us whether she will stand with New Hampshire on this important vote."


At no cost to taxpayers, The Export-Import Bank provides working capital loans to small businesses that are exporting, and provides insurance to small companies for cases where foreign buyers fail to pay. It also provides direct loans and loan guarantees to foreign buyers of U.S. made goods. Twenty-seven New Hampshire companies have taken advantage of the bank's services in the last five years.


The bank is now under attack from Ayotte allies like Sen. Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth. The bank will shut down on May 31st if Congress does not act. This week, Senate Republicans blocked a vote on the bill extending the Export-Import Bank. The House has already passed the bill with bipartisan support. The Senate will likely vote next week on a motion to close debate (which needs 60 votes) to move forward with the bill.


While Ayotte has expressed support for the Bank publicly in the past; she has also voted against an effort in March to extend the Bank's authorization.


"Where will Kelly Ayotte stand? With New Hampshire or with the national Tea Party? She should tell us now," Buckley said.