Shea-Porter calls on Rep. Guinta to denounce Super PAC ads

New Hampshire-  Today, former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who is running for Congress in the First Congressional District released the following statement. 


“As the November election approaches, outside groups called Super PACs will try to influence NH-01 voters. These groups on either side have ground workers--the Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity has had a permanent staff in NH for several years now, and CREDO has recently arrived. However, Super PACs should not run television or radio or any type of media ads, either for or against me or Frank Guinta, and I call on Frank Guinta to sign an agreement with me next week that we will:

*  immediately send out a joint press release that Super PAC money is not welcome in NH-01

*  jointly publicly denounce any Super PACs that use the airwaves or any form of media ads to attack or support either of us and

*  jointly sign a public statement to the offending Super PAC that it stop running the ads immediately.

Frank Guinta and I should work together to try to reduce the constant barrage of ads that offend NH-01 voters and try to reduce outside influence by Super PACs.”