CEI Today: ALEC & free speech, Highway Bill event today, Buffett/Keystone Pipeline, and more


Driving the market from the marketplace of ideas; ALEC’S leftist critics prefer speech suppression to democratic debate

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin recently came under attack from left-wing activists for meeting with representatives of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a nationwide association of conservative state legislators. This is but the latest salvo in a sustained attack on ALEC from the political left. The governor rightly has ignored the attacks, which really are efforts to stifle political speech.

ALEC’s critics paint it as a shadowy organization that pushes ready-made legislation to advance a corporate agenda. In reality, the attack on ALEC is part of a much broader attack by those seeking to drive all market voices from the marketplace of ideas. ALEC’s critics say they object to its tactics, but what they really seek to attack is its ideological principles: free markets and limited government. >Read the full commentary on WashingtonTimes.com

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The Highway Bill and Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s Anti-P3 Propaganda

The Highway Trust Fund is facing imminent insolvency. This is the result of keeping federal fuel excise tax rates at the same level since 1993. Since then, inflation has eroded about one-third of those dollars’ buying power. Rather than attempt to fix this very serious problem, the Senate’s Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) merely kicks the can down the road. We find this unacceptable.

We have reached a point where burying our heads in the sand is no longer a viable option. Much of the Interstate system is nearly 50 years old, which means in the near future that these segments will need to be completely reconstructed from the roadbed up. So the question is not if we reconstruct the system; rather, it is who pays for this construction. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

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Globalwarming.org: Buffett’s Support Signals Movement on Keystone Pipeline

The House and Senate conference committee on re-authorizing the highway bill met for the first time on Tuesday, 8th May.  One of the most contentious issues is House language that would require permitting of the 1700-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta’s oil sands to Gulf refineries. Initial reactions were that the Keystone provision has little chance of being included in the final conference report.  However, there are signs that the ground is shifting.  > Read the full commentary at Globalwarming.org

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