Shea-Porter makes Super PAC offer to Guinta again

New Hampshire-  Today, former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who is running for Congress in the First Congressional District, released the following statement. 

“Last week, I asked my political opponent for the NH-O1 seat, Congressman Frank Guinta, to join with me to try to reduce Super PAC advertising in the 2012 election.  His campaign responded by name-calling and falsehoods.  New Hampshire voters don’t want to hear false accusations and name-calling.  They just want Super PACs to stop all their negative advertising and let New Hampshire voters decide for themselves.  I once again call on Frank Guinta to sign an agreement with me this week that we will:

*  immediately send out a joint press release that Super PAC money is not welcome in NH-01

*  jointly publicly denounce any Super PACs that use the airwaves or any form of media ads to attack or support either of us and

*  jointly sign a public statement to the offending Super PAC that it stop running the ads immediately.

Frank Guinta and I should work together to try to reduce the constant barrage of ads that offend NH-01 voters and try to reduce outside influence by Super PACs.”