JBC Applauds Passage of School Choice Bill

(CONCORD, NH) The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, the state's leading leading school choice advocate for the last decade, applauded today's overwhelming show of support for school choice from the legislature as they they approved the School Choice Scholarship Act. More than 70% of the House (235-99) and 17 of 24 Senators voted in favor of the landmark legislation, the School Choice Scholarship Act, whcih will expand the opportunities available to New Hampshire parents and their children.

"The School Choice Scholarship Act is a small step for state government but will be a giant leap in the lives of many New Hampshire students," said Bartlett Center President Charlie Arlinghaus. "Rich people already have choices. the legislature has taken a huge step to extend those opportunities to students with lesser means."

"As policymakers considered school choice, Bartlett Research Fellow Jason Bedrick authored definitive studies about the tax credit approach including Choosing to Learn, which lawmakers used regularly to understand the experiences of eight other states with similar programs," Arlinghaus continued. "Bedrick found that 'a scholarship tax credit program is a constitutional, popular, and fiscally sound method to increase educational options for low-income families.'"

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