Kevin Smith Applauds Legislators for Passing Bill Eliminating Needless, Excessive Regulation

Smith: “Get government off the backs of small business”

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, made the following statement regarding passage of House Bill 1241, which eliminates unnecessary regulations for New Hampshire’s specialty brewers:

“I commend the New Hampshire House of Representatives for passing HB 1241, eliminating the excessive and unnecessary regulations that require brewers of certain specialty beers to brew and store their product in other states, rather than right here in New Hampshire. This is common sense legislation, and is the kind of thing our government needs to do more in order to provide relief to our state’s small businesses.

“I’ve toured Red Hook Brewery and have spoken a great deal about this issue in my campaign. The issue here is not simply specialty beers. It’s about keeping jobs here in New Hampshire instead of losing them to other states. It’s about government creating an economic climate that fosters growth and job creation instead of stifling businesses. HB 1241 is one small example of how we can get government off the backs of small business, create greater market freedom, and make New Hampshire more economically competitive.

“Government does not create jobs, but government can create a better environment for the private sector to create jobs – good-paying, sustainable jobs. As governor, it will be my top priority to lessen the tax and regulatory burden on businesses – large and small – so that existing companies can innovate and grow, and so that we can attract new companies to the state. This is, and will continue to be, the centerpiece of my campaign.”


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