NHDP - On Violence Against Women, Guinta Played Politics and Put NH Women at Risk

Guinta Votes Against Protecting All Women from Violence; For Cuts to Advocates in New Hampshire; To Eliminate College Domestic Violence Reporting Requirements


CONCORD - Frank Guinta put politics over public safety by blocking a bipartisan Senate bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, putting women at risk in New Hampshire.


"Frank Guinta's opposition to the bipartisan version of the Violence Against Women Act endangers the lives of victims of domestic violence right here in New Hampshire. Frank Guinta voted for a dangerous faux bill that would enact provisions that endanger women's lives, leaves out critical protections for other women and significantly weakens the Violence Against Women Act here in New Hampshire," said Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


In opposing a bipartisan reauthorization, Frank Guinta's actions could have serious repercussions in New Hampshire.  H.R. 4790 would eliminate two critical victim advocate positions at the YWCA and Bridges Crisis Centers - serving nearly 400 victims last year alone.  The bill Guinta is supporting also omits key provisions needed help reduce violence against young women.  One such omission requires colleges to include statistic on domestic violence, dating violence and stalking in their annual crime reports. 


"Frank Guinta needs to come clean with the people of New Hampshire and explain why, by blocking this bipartisan bill, he believes that only some women and not others are entitled to protection under the law from violence," said Buckley. 


The watered down House version supported by Guinta would also erode provisions for immigrant victims' safety and could actually give abusers more tools with which to harm victims.   It also strips key protections to Native American and LGBT victims of abuse.


"Lower reporting standards for violence and stalking on college campuses, elimination of critical victim advocate programs cut, omitting or altogether stripping protections for some women?  Frank Guinta owes the women of New Hampshire a serious explanation for his reckless obstruction that puts his Tea Party credentials before the public safety of New Hampshire," said Buckley.


(HB 4790 - On Passage, 5/16/12; HB 4790 - Motion to Recommit w/ Instructions