CEI Weekly: New Edition of Ten Thousand Commandments Released

Friday, May 18, 2012




Feature: This week CEI published the 2012 edition of Ten Thousand Commandments, an annual report on regulatory costs.

FEATURE: New Edition of Ten Thousand Commandments Released


Ten Thousand Commandments is an annual report prepared by Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews on the costs of federal regulations. The public already knows about climbing federal spending; but when government increases the cost of doing business through new regulations, the consequences are largely hidden from public view. The purpose of the Ten Thousand Commandments report is to restore accountability and transparency to Washington by drawing attention to the staggering burden of federal rules and regulations. Read more on the report here. For more information about the project and archives of past reports, see here.







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May 17, 2012: Ethanol's Overstated Benefits


Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis takes apart a study claiming that ethanol lowers gas prices by more than a dollar per gallon in some regions. Unrealistic assumptions and dodgy methodology make the results less than trustworthy. Ethanol, Lewis argues, is widely used only because the federal government requires it to be. If it had to compete on a level playing field like most other products, it would be a flop.





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