Josiah Bartlett Center Weekly Update (5/18)

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on the issues impacting New Hampshire

A Small Step for NH, A Giant Leap for Our Kids


A very small step for the state will be a huge leap for individual students if the legislature decides to adopt a modest school choice scholarship act today. Despite misleading accusations flying around from people who resist any change, the debate comes down to whether you want to provide hundreds of poorer students greater choice with little impact on the current system...

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 School Choice FAQ
Scholarship Tax Credits and How they Work

Josiah Bartlett Center Research Fellow Jason Bedrick answers frequently asked questions about the recently passed School Choice Bill. Click here to read.

School Choice and Licensing

Grant Bosse talks to Jack Heath about the passage of the School Choice Scholarship Act and why it is harder to become a barber than an EMT in this week’s edition of The Josiah Bartlett Report on NH Today. Click Here to Listen.

NH Foreclosures up Slightly

April data slightly higher than March

Figures from Realtytrac, a foreclosure tracking firm, show foreclosure filings increased slightly in New Hampshire for the month of April to 727, up from 674 in March. Click here to keep reading.