NHDP - Former State Senator Martha Fuller Clark Announces Candidacy to Return to the NH State Senate

PORTSMOUTH - Former three term Democratic State Senator Martha Fuller Clark of Portsmouth announced her candidacy to return to the State Senate today.  Senator Clark will run for the open seat created by the announcement today of Senator Amanda Merrill of Durham that she will not seek a third term.


"I look forward to returning to the Senate to bring back a reasoned voice to the legislative process.  During my six terms in the House and three terms in the Senate I was able to work across party lines to pass legislation on many major issues. These past two years I have been appalled at the deterioration of the process of providing good government and by the open manipulation occurring at the State House by radical out-of-state influences. I would be honored to represent the constituents that Senator Merrill has served so admirably as well as representing once again the citizens of Portsmouth and Newington.


"I pledge to work in a bipartisan manner to create common sense solutions to build NH's economy, promote jobs and protect NH's unique resources - its quality of life and its people. I will work to ensure that the voice of the people is not drowned out by the extremists who currently have a stranglehold over our legislature.  As senator, I promise to stand up for New Hampshire values and all that we cherish."