AFP - See why our new ad scares the Left

AFP’s latest TV ad just started airing all across America—and it’s making the Left as angry as ever.

If you haven’t seen the “Obama’s Wasteful Spending” ad yet, you can watch it now by clicking here:

And I hope you’ll click here to donate $5 or $10—or anything you can afford right now—to keep this ad on the air for as long as possible.

With the help of activists like you, AFP is ramping up the fight, and continuing to expose the dangerous truths that the Left wants to keep hidden: there are 13 million unemployed Americans, but the Obama administration is spending our tax dollars to create so-called “green jobs” in China, Mexico, and Finland.

And, let me tell you—the Left has already brought out their old playbook of tired smear tactics, to try to discredit our ad and change the conversation topic, because they know they can’t win on the facts alone.

The liberal fringe group, Center for American Progress, piled up the attacks on their ThinkProgress blog—calling AFP an “oil industry front group” and, ridiculously, calling the hard facts in our ad “bogus.”

President Obama’s latest TV ad goes back to his favorite topic—attacking AFP once again as “Big Oil,” and demonizing our new ad “over the top, erroneous, out of context”—without responding to the facts.

And even the Democratic National Committee didn’t waste a minute in attacking AFP—sending out a fundraising pitch to their biggest donors just two hours after our ad launched.

The DNC even admits AFP’s new ad is causing “serious damage” to the Left—and asks for their members to give money for the sole purpose of discrediting this ad, and keeping AFP off the airwaves.

Robert, this ad is getting under the Left’s skin—and that’s why we need your critical help right now.

As much as President Obama and the DNC try claim we’re “secretly-funded,” the cold hard truth is that we’re funded by 90,000 individual donors nationwide—regular Americans like you and me. Every little bit helps, if we’re going to take back our nation and end President Obama’s disastrous economic policies.

Can you help us keep this new ad on the air for as long as possible?

Please click here to give just $5 or $10—or anything you can afford to give—right now.

Robert, with your help today, we’re going to spread the word about Obama’s reckless policy agenda, and make sure that our families, friends, and neighbors—and anyone who will listen—knows about President Obama’s lack of regard for American jobs and the American economy.


Tim Phillips, President
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Click here to watch AFP’s “Obama’s Wasteful Spending”—and help us keep running the TV ad that the Left already thinks is causing “serious damage” to their dangerous economic agenda.