- We Will Take Back Congress

Dear Patriot,

Our campaign to educate voters is having an impact and Liberals are getting nervous. Your efforts and support of organizations like is giving a voice to the previously silent majority. I have a few words for President Obama, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. The Tea Party has not gone "straight to hell" and we are coming in November to finish the job we started in 2010 to take back America!

November 2012 may be THE most important election in our lifetimes. Never before has the need been greater for individuals to stand up against a government that has forgotten who they were elected to represent.

The tea party movement would not have been necessary but for spineless politicians who refuse to make the needed choices to reign in spending, focusing rather on what will win them the next election. We have taken names and it's time those determined to sell out America are removed from office.

Many in the media and Liberal movement would love to declare the tea party dead! They underestimated our strength in 2010 and they will again in November.

Help us prove them wrong and defeat Barack Obama's liberal agenda. Show that you support for the Tea Party is strong by voting in our poll below.

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