RNC - As Joe Biden visits NH, Republicans note 2008 college loan debt promises

The RNC will kick off our messaging for the week today by highlighting President Obama’s policy failures, specifically his failure to deliver on the promises he made to students in New Hampshire where the average student loan debt level is the highest in the country.  

This includes this research piece and a  New Hampshire specific web video, "Empty Promises: College Costs Still Rising.”  I wanted to make sure you saw the following article welcoming Vice President Biden to New Hampshire today.  

Boston Globe: As Joe Biden visits NH, Republicans note 2008 college loan debt promises


Glen Johnson

May 22, 2012

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Vice President Joe Biden is visiting New Hampshire again today as Democrats aggressively work the general election swing state, but the Republican National Committee plans to criticize the Obama-Biden ticket for failing to stem college cost increases as promised in 2008.

New Hampshire is the state with the highest student loan debt level in the country. The average student graduates with $31,048 in loan debt.

“The Class of 2012 is getting a rude awakening as they accept their diplomas and realize they can’t find a job in Obama’s economy,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement that accompanied a web video coinciding with Biden's visit to Keene State College.

“After dealing with rising college costs and record high student loan debt, America’s young people are seeing firsthand that President Obama has not lived up to the promise of his campaign,” Priebus added.

Click to contact candidates or elected officials about this issue. RNC research highlighted how Obama said during a June 2008 speech on Taylor, Mich., that “the American people will have a clear choice in November - because when I’m president, I will make college affordable for every American.”

Nonetheless, the average tuition for an in-state, public, four-year college rose from $6,585 in 2008 to $8,244 last year - a 25-percent increase.

The RNC's web video features clips of Obama delivering speeches about rising college costs set against clips of New Hampshire media interviews with students describing the large debt they personally face.

“I’m intimidated by it. I just hope I’ll be able to get a job,” said one.

Another said, “Eighty-thousand (dollars) will be my debt - before grad school.”

Biden is slated to speak in Keene at 1:45 p.m. The vice president then has a campaign fund-raiser in Boston scheduled to begin at 5:45 p.m.