ALG's Daily Grind: Red Ink drowns economies rather than grow them

May 22, 2012

 Red Ink drowns economies rather than grow them

The sad fact is that those who cling to the failed socialist policies of the past will not give up the illusion that Keynesian economics is anything more than a theory designed to gradually slip free people into the bondage of ever growing government debt. 

Video: Obama's Occupy Friendship Is A Lot Like His Friendship With Bill Ayers

Sarah Palin once accused President Barack Obama of buddying up with terrorists. This was due to his relationship with "domestic terrorist" Bill Ayers. Now he has another group of terrorists he seems to think of as friends.

Obama & Biden's Excellent Adventure

Just like Bill and Ted where the protagonists hop through time and insert themselves into famous scenarios, so has Obama gone and placed himself in all of the biographies of past presidents except Gerald Ford, all the way back to Calvin Coolidge.

Mead: Kickstarting the Jobs of the Future

"If America is going to have a successful and prosperous 21st century built on mass prosperity, a strong middle class and a productive economy, it will be people like those behind Kickstarter and its clients who will make it happen."