Smart Girl Politics - Speaker Bill O’Brien on the Radio with Smart Girl Politics

Concord, NH – Speaker of the NH House, the Honorable Bill O’Brien, joins Smart Girl Politics NH during its weekly radio show to talk about the House’s long list of legislative accomplishments.  The House’s focus on limited and transparent government, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty are all values supported by Smart Girl Politics and SGP applauds the Speaker’s courage and determination.  Join the conversation by tuning in to WSMN 1590, Thursday May 24, at 10:15 am. 

During this election year, Smart Girl Politics New Hampshire (SGP-NH), part of Smart Girl Politics’ national organization of conservative women, is focused on supporting conservative incumbents and challengers in and for State and local offices. 

Smart Girl Politics is non-profit organization for conservative women activists (and the conservative men who believe as we do).