Hassan For Governor - NH Needs to Build a New Energy Future

Condemns Oil Industry’s Efforts To Block Region’s Efforts at Energy Independence

MANCHESTER, NH – New Hampshire needs to build a new energy future and oil industry-funded groups should not attempt to turn back the clock on energy independence, said Maggie Hassan, Democratic candidate for governor. 

Hassan spoke out against a new radio ad from Americans for Prosperity, a group founded and funded by oil industry billionaires, the Koch brothers, urging legislators to repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), created and supported by Republican and Democratic Governors and legislatures. 

As a state Senator, Hassan worked across party lines to pass the legislation creating the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in New Hampshire, which has saved families and businesses millions of dollars. Hassan also worked on enacting renewable energy legislation, which has helped spur the creation of new biomass and wind energy plants. 

“We need to break our reliance on foreign oil and support our home-grown energy alternatives, as well as help our families and businesses save money on their energy costs,” Hassan said. “We should not turn back the clock on a new energy future at the behest of the oil industry.” 

An independent study by Carbon Solutions of New England has shown that RGGI is delivering on its promise to provide to help ratepayers save on their energy bills. 

“The initial investments in this energy efficiency initiative will save families and businesses $84 million,” said Hassan.  “That is savings that will make a difference for our families and money our businesses can invest in hiring new workers. Energy is one of the major cost drivers for businesses. Helping businesses reduce their energy costs will make New Hampshire an even more attractive places to companies to build and grow.”