NH GOP - Concord Monitor Should Retract Cartoon & Apologize to Speaker O'Brien

Chairman MacDonald: “All New Hampshire citizens should be offended, and the Monitor should retract this and apologize to Speaker O’Brien.”

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement condemning today’s Concord Monitor editorial cartoon which depicts a Republican elected official with a Hitler mustache and reads, “If the mustache fits…Speaker Bill O’Brien.”

“The Concord Monitor’s far-left editorial slant took a sharp turn into the gutter today with a cartoon that is insulting to the institution of the State House and which should offend all New Hampshire citizens.  We strongly urge the Concord Monitor to retract this cartoon and apologize to Speaker O’Brien.

“The Monitor can choose to ignore the GOP accomplishments of cutting spending, lowering taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulations, but today the paper took its partisan blinders to a new low.  If the Monitor watched the State House last week with an unbiased focus it would know that Speaker O’Brien swiftly addressed the reprehensible actions of Representative Vaillancourt and stood up for the decorum of the House.  The only reason the House was not united in this corrective action is because of the failed leadership of Rep. Norelli who chose once again to divide along party lines.

“It wasn’t long ago that Democrat Governor John Lynch called for ‘a civil tone in debates.’  Leaders on both sides of the aisle have rightly condemned what was a harshly inappropriate action last week.  It’s unfortunate to witness the abandonment of these principles by the Concord Monitor in a way that disrespects our government and the People’s House.”

In case you missed it, Chairman Wayne MacDonald discussed on WMUR recently how Speaker O’Brien appropriately handled the situation with Rep. Steve Vaillancourt.  An unofficial transcript is included below:

JOSH MCELVEEN:  What do you make of the theatrics that we've seen up there of late and a lot in this session, obviously strong feelings, I'm not taking away from that, but from this week to what we've seen… a lot of people challenging Speaker O'Brien…The question coming back to the perception of the voter is that going to hurt the Republican cause come November?

CHAIRMAN MACDONALD:  Let’s talk about this past week. Regardless of who the Speaker is… regardless of what parties are involved, it is inappropriate to address the Speaker of the New Hampshire House in a fashion that was used in Nazi Germany.  Totally inappropriate.  Speaker O’Brien was totally within his bounds and totally right to ask Representative Vaillancourt to leave and only be allowed back in when he apologized.  It’s too bad the Democrats didn’t find that offensive and didn’t support the Speaker on this motion.

JOSH MCELVEEN:  That's an accurate analysis right there….