NH House Republican Office - Open Letter to Concord Monitor Editor Felice Belman

Dear Ms. Belman,

We are shocked and disgusted by the lack of judgment and decency shown by the Concord Monitor in publishing today’s editorial cartoon. To compare any figure in American political life today to Adolph Hitler is outrageous, insulting and insensitive to those who suffered the horrors of the Holocaust.

While we have grown accustomed to the constant hate and vitriol toward this legislature in your editorial pages, this cartoon sinks our political discourse to a sad new low. While you may disagree with our policy decisions, comparing the Speaker of the House to an individual responsible for the murder of 6 million people is unfathomable.

We demand that you denounce this cartoon and issue an apology. While Mr. Marland is entitled to be provocative in how he makes his point, he should be ashamed of himself and apologize to the Speaker as well. And so should you. In a quote in a Concord Patch article you attempt to distance yourself from Marland’s actions. We’d like to remind you that you employ and pay Mr. Marland to draw for your paper and your board has the final say as to what is published and what is not.
Furthermore, we were astonished that you then decided to embrace the cartoon by calling comparing the Speaker to Adolf Hitler “on point.”

It is our sincere hope that the Concord Monitor will use better discretion in publishing editorial cartoons in the future.

Rep. D.J. Bettencourt,
House Majority Leader

Rep. Harry Accornero
Rep. Al Baldasaro
Rep. David Bates
Rep. Jim Belanger
Rep. Regina Birdsell
Rep. Ralph Boehm
Rep. Spec Bowers
Rep. Gene Chandler
Rep. Jim Coffey
Rep. Duffy Daugherty
Rep. Beverly   Ferrante
Rep. Jack Flanagan
Rep. Marilinda Garcia  
Rep. Edmond Gionet
Rep. Peter Hansen
Rep. Ken Hawkins
Rep. Greg Hill
Rep. Dick Hinch
Rep. Edith Hogan
Rep. Shawn Jasper
Rep. Norman Major
Rep. Paul Mirski
Rep. Phil Munck
Rep. Charlie Moore
Rep. Janine Notter
Rep. Will Panek
Rep. Bettsey Patten 
Rep. Joe Pitre 
Rep. Michael Reed
Rep. David Russell
Rep. Frank Sapareto
Rep. Pete Silva
Rep. Charlie Sova
Rep. James Summers
Rep. Pam Tucker
Rep. Jordan Ulery
Rep. Carol Vita
Rep. Lou Vita
Rep. Steve Winter