NHDP - Burling: Bill O'Brien's Final - Dangerous - Push

Dear Friend,


What we have seen in the past two years under Speaker Bill O'Brien is a legislature used as a tool to advance a radical ideology.  When I had the pleasure of serving in the House, I often disagreed with my Republican colleagues.  We had heated, but cordial debates and ultimately worked to find consensus to protect New Hampshire businesses and honor the rights of men and women.   



As the New Hampshire House and Senate sessions draw to a close, Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party friends are making a final push to ram through the most radical items on their agenda.   



They are pulling out every stop in their effort to pass laws infringing on a woman's right to choose; restricting a worker's right to organize; and even limiting the Judiciary's ability to remain independent. They are working to pass a bill diverting $16 million in taxpayer money to private, religious schools - this from the same people who said we couldn't afford to support our public colleges and universities.  



Governor Lynch and House and Senate Democrats have stood strong in the face of overwhelming Republican opposition and forced the legislature to lay aside some of the worst bills.  But Bill O'Brien has made clear he is going to fight hard to return to the Speaker's rostrum next year.  And Republican gubernatorial candidates Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith have promised to be rubber stamps for Bill O'Brien's assault on women's and worker's rights, public education, an independent judiciary, and affordable health care.    



Already, we are seeing outside interest-groups pour money into the state to try to save Bill O'Brien and the Tea Party's agenda.  Americans for Prosperity (funded by the Koch Brothers) has just launched a new radio ad.  And Tea Party activists are creating a new PAC aimed at electing a Republican Governor.  



The people of New Hampshire have had enough of Bill O'Brien and the Tea Party.   



Will you donate $100, $50, or $25 today to stand up to these out-of-state special interest groups supporting Bill O'Briens's radical agenda?



Our Democratic candidates will be strong leaders in Concord who will focus on common-sense mainstream solutions to the challenges facing our families:  strengthening the economy and businesses, good schools, and access to affordable health care.   



We are working every day over the next six months to make Bill O'Brien a one-term speaker and to restore leadership in Concord.  We need your support of $100, $50, or $25 today.



Thank you for your generosity,

Hon. Peter Burling



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