Kevin Smith supports efforts to repeal RGGI; calls on his opponents in governor’s race to stand with ratepayers

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor, supported efforts to have the House and Senate meet to resolve their versions of HB 1490 and develop a plan to get New Hampshire out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Smith criticized his Democrat opponent, Maggie Hassan, who has come out in support of RGGI despite its costs which are passed onto New Hampshire ratepayers.

“Once again Maggie Hassan and the Democrats don’t get it,” said Smith. “Maggie and the Democrats are standing up for bigger and more intrusive government instead of standing up for families and small businesses in the state. Instead of going after regulations that are raising the cost of electricity and forcing electricity generators to buy RGGI carbon credits, she is attacking efforts aimed at lowering the cost of government that would provide much-needed relief to the ratepayers in New Hampshire.  What is worse, Maggie Hassan justifies this program by citing an ‘independent study’ that was generated by one of the RGGI fund recipients. She obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of the word 'independent.'”

Smith has long supported the repeal of RGGI which was outlined earlier this year as part of his New Hampshire’s Future Is Now economic plan. 

Smith also questioned his opponents in the governor’s race today. “Democrats Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley both support keeping RGGI in place,” noted Smith. “Why are we having state bureaucrats dole out millions to huge multi-million dollar companies and non-profits to perform ‘energy audits’ to the very utilities that bought the allowances in the first place - none of which help ratepayers who face some of the highest electricity rates in the country?”

Smith also called on his primary opponent, Ovide Lamontagne, to take a clear position on the issue, “Ovide talks about free market reforms, but when it comes to real solutions and specifics, he continues to be vague. I hope he will join me and support ratepayers by backing efforts to get New Hampshire out of RGGI.  Joining the program was a mistake and bad public policy, and we should make every effort to end it.”