CEI Today: Amazon caves to leftists, FDA to regulate vitamins, and gov't lawlessness


I Stand with ALEC — Amazon Didn’t

The American Legislative Exchange Council has been under a vicious, all-out assault from notorious truther Van Jones and his cadre of leftists for daring to promote the free-enterprise system and other conservative ideas. Most recently, they have targeted ALEC’s member companies through shareholder activism. Apparently they succeeded in making enough fuss at Amazon’s shareholder meeting today that that brilliant innovator has cut off its modest funding to ALEC.

This is appeasement, pure and simple. Why do they think that these attacks on free enterprise will stop with ALEC? Eventually Amazon itself will be the target. I’ve been a loyal Amazon customer for years — I have a Prime account, movies in its cloud and no fewer than four (count ’em) Kindles in my household. No more. I’m boycotting Amazon and I urge others to do the same until they restore funding for ALEC. Let them know on Twitter!

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Openmarket.org: Senate Vote Today on FDA, Supplements, and Energy Drinks

Today, the Senate will vote to reauthorize and modify the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) prescription drug and medical device user-fee program (S. 3187). During debate on the measure, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) announced plans to introduce an amendment to give the FDA more power over supplements such as vitamins and energy drinks. While Sen. Durbin is selling the amendment as moderate, commonsense legislation, its passage would significantly increase the financial and regulatory burden on supplement companies — especially small ones. Worst of all, it would do nothing to increase consumer safety. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org


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Openmarket.org: MWAA: A Government-Authorized Fiefdom


Should Congress’s power extend to creating taxpayer-funded government entities that are free from state and federal laws concerning ethics, transparency, and disclosure? No, but it does, and for Virginia residents, it is their reality.

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA), which is in charge of the $6 billion construction of the Dulles Metrorail extension, is such an entity. MWAA’s lack of both accountability and transparency to the public, in combination with its imprudent spending, raised concerns from federal, state, and local government officials. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

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Ten Thousand Commandments 2012

An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State
May 15, 2012

The scope of federal government spending and deficits is sobering. Yet the government’s reach extends well beyond the taxes Washington collects and its deficit spending and borrowing. Federal environmental, safety and health, and economic regulations cost hundreds of billions—perhaps trillions—of dollars every year over and above the costs of the official federal outlays that dominate the policy debate.

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