NHDP - Another Day, Another Group, Another Answer from Ovide Lamontagne on Marriage Equality

Lamontagne Double-Talk on Marriage Continues;

Tells New Audience Last That He Will Work for a Referendum on Marriage Equality


CONCORD - Ovide Lamontagne's double talk on marriage equality continued last night when he told a Tea Party meeting that he will work for a referendum to overturn marriage equality in New Hampshire.


Ovide Lamontagne has attempted to downplay his radical social agenda. On Monday, he told Central High school students that he was not running to deal with marriage. But that is not what he is telling other audiences.


"Yeah, I'm a social conservative and anyone who has ever watched my career in politics I've been consistently a social conservative.  I'm pro-life, I'm pro-traditional marriage. I want to support adoptions.  I want to support things I think are important," Lamontagne told a Lakes Region Tea Party meeting.


Asked about marriage equality by students at Central High School yesterday, Ovide Lamontagne said: "I am a social conservative, and I believe in traditional marriage, but I'm not running to deal with that issue."


In March, Lamontagne told a rally: "If Gov. Lynch prevents a return to traditional marriage, you can count on me to aggressively work to make this happen once I'm governor," Lamontagne said at the State House.


In response to a question at the Tea Party meeting last night, Lamontagne said he wished that the New Hampshire constitution allowed for binding referendums. But that he would support a non-binding referendum on marriage.


"I guess I would prefer one (state referendum).  I mean, I think we see an example of this right now.  If we could do it we would have a referendum perhaps on marriage and the definition of marriage," Lamontagne said. "(Marriage) would be an appropriate question to put on a referendum so we can be guided by the people in terms of their position on that.  So, I would like to see us do that.  I think we can have a non-binding referendum now on the ballot.  The Secretary of State says we can do it.  Frankly, my preference is to put that question on a non-binding referendum." 


Lamontagne did not respond to questions about his attempts at misdirection from the Union Leader yesterday. In an interview with the Portsmouth Herald yesterday, Speaker Bill O'Brien made clear that overturning marriage equality remains on his agenda if re-elected.


"Ovide Lamontagne should stop the double talk and be upfront with the people of New Hampshire about his radical social agenda," Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party said.