NHDP - DJ's Hypocrisy: When Has GOP Leadership Stood Up?

GOP Leadership Silent on Outrageous, Ignorant Comments

 From Own Party


O'Brien has remained silent while GOP in the Legislature have made offensive comments, degraded integrity of House


CONCORD - Yesterday, GOP Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt said, "When outrageous, ignorant things are said, I think decent people have to stand up and say that's unacceptable."


If that is the case, then why the utter silence from Majority Leader Bettencourt and Speaker Bill O'Brien when members of their own party said a mentally handicapped rape victim "had her entire life to get used to being called defective" or when another said that he "thought it was great" that the audience of a GOP debate booed a gay Marine? 


"Where were Speaker O'Brien and Majority Leader Bettencourt when members of their own party were spouting off these ignorant and offensive comments?" said Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "If Majority Leader Bettencourt's comments were genuine, then he and Speaker O'Brien should have spoken up months ago and repudiated the repulsive words coming from their own party."


Rep. Jordan Ulery, one of the signers of the letter to the Concord Monitor yesterday, suggested European Jews were somehow at fault for the Holocaust. A since-resigned member of the GOP legislature said that 'defective people' should be shipped to Siberia. Another called liberals fascists. Bettencourt himself even called Catholic Bishop John McCormack a 'pedophile pimp.' 


"Speaker O'Brien has turned the once-venerable institution of the New Hampshire House into a laughing stock.  Ramming through his radical anti-choice, anti-equality, anti-union legislation at the expense of New Hampshire jobs and the economy, while turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the outrageous, ignorant things his own party is saying," Buckley said.


New Hampshire GOP On-The-Record:


GOP Representative said that a mentally handicapped rape victim "had her entire life to get used to being called 'defective.' Canterbury Representative Kenneth Kries said a mentally handicapped rape victim "had her entire life to get used to being called defective" during a House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee hearing on replacing the term "mentally defective" in the state's aggravated sexual assault law. 


[Concord Patch, 4/15/12]


GOP Representative said 'retarded' and 'defective' are 'just words.' In the same House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee hearing, Rep. James Antosz of Epping also supporting keeping the phrase, saying "defective" and "retarded" are "just words."


[Concord Patch, 4/15/12]


GOP Representative made light of White House shooting, calling it a 'lucky shot.' Rep. Antosz made light of the assassination charges being brought against an Idaho made who shot at the White House saying: "An Idaho man accused of firing two shots at the White House exterior last week has been charged with attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama or his staff. Are Your Kidding me? The Obama family according to sources was not even in Washington. It was a lucky shot via driving by on Pennsylvania Avenue. The president has the safety security in our history, it's near impossible to kill a U.S. President with today's secret service protocols and vehicle technologies."


[Huffington Post, 11/20/11]


GOP Representative said mentally handicapped should be sent to Siberia. Rep. Marty Harty ultimately resigned after saying that the world would be "better off without defective people" who should be shipped off to Siberia to freeze to death.


[Nashua Telegraph, 3/11/11]


GOP Majority Leader called Bishop a "pedophile pimp." On his Facebook page, House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt this morning wrote on his Facebook page that Catholic Bishop John McCormack is a "pedophile pimp."


[Concord Monitor,4/1/11 ]


GOP representative 'through it was great' that audience booed gay Marine. When asked about the audience of a GOP presidential debate booing a gay Marine, state representative Al Baldasarro said "I was so disgusted over that gay marine coming out... when the shit hits the fan, you want your brothers covering your back, not looking at your back...Oh no, I thought the audience, when they booed the marine, I thought it was great."


[Think Progress, 10/3/11]


GOP Representative called liberals 'fascists.' In an email sent to Republican House members, including Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt, State Representative Paul Mirski called liberal politicians 'fascists or Marxists.'


[NH Insider, 5/23/12]


GOP representative said that Jews were somehow responsible for the Holocaust. When asked about a bill he proposed that requires that any shop with signs in any language other than English to also post signs in the six official languages of the United Nations, State Representative Jason Ulery said, "When you establish a ghetto, you're leaving yourself open to what happened to the Jews in Eastern Europe because you're setting yourself up to be different."


Asked to expand on his comments by Fox News, Ulery said, "What I was trying to convey is when you do not participate in your society around you, and when you become different, you become subject to what the Nazis did to the Jews."


[Concord Monitor,1/11/11 ]


GOP Representative accused the Ballot Law Committee of treason. During a Ballot Law Commission hearing, Representative Accornero began yelling at the chair of the committee, claiming that the chair and the committee were committing treason.


[Miscellany Blue, 11/20/11]


GOP Representative wants to sue President Obama for treason. State Representative Harry Accornero said President Obama "has crossed the line, and under Article III section 3 of our Constitution is guilty of treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy and attempting to overthrow our government from within...I am formally asking you to bring a commission of treason against Mr. Barack Husain [sic] Obama."


[Huffington Post, 12/18/11]


GOP Representative and State Senate candidate called former GOP vice chair a "pole dancer" and "stripper." At a GOP event, state Senate candidate and current State Representative John Hikel called former GOP vice chair Pamela Manny a "pole dancer" and "stripper."


[Union Leader, 5/22/12]


GOP Representative Jerry Bergevin cites Nazism, Columbine shooting as reason to roll back teaching evolution in NH Schools. "A Republican state lawmaker in New Hampshire who introduced legislation to stop the teaching of evolution in schools has claimed that the theory of evolution led to the Columbine massacre."


[Huffington Post, 01/02/2012


GOP Representative asked if he was justified in 'blowing away' a police officer if he was faster on the draw.  In a Facebook post, State Representative Kyle Tasker said: "When a police officer points his firearm that's not gonna make me feel threatened? If I've been trained to respond to that with force am I justified in blowing a cop away because I'm quicker on the draw, and he already pointed his firearm at me? Police are just citizens with badges and all laws should apply equally."


[WMUR, 9/8/11


GOP Representative joked about using a .50 caliber machine gun on members of labor unions.  In an email, State Representative Lynne Blankenbeker wrote: "Today I got to be the gunner which was fun. The .50cal is quite a gun! I was never ascared (sic) of the unions but they better not F#%k with me again!!! Just saying."


[Patch, 7/22/11]