Rep. Jenn Coffey Nominated for Blade Magazine’ s Cutlery Hall of Fame

Blade Magazine editor Steve Shackleford confirmed the nomination of Representative Jenn Coffey to Blade Magazine’s Cutlery Hall of Fame. Nominees are first submitted by the current living Hall of Fame members, who then vote to elect the inductee from among the nominations. Though not inducted this time around, Jenn is profoundly honored for even being considered for such a singular distinction, the ranks of which include Bo Randall, William Scagel and Col. James Bowie.

The Cutlery Hall of Fame recognizes knifemakers, authors and persons who promote and support the industry. As a member of the New Hampshire House of Representative, Jenn spearheaded groundbreaking knife rights legislation propelling New Hampshire to preeminence as the nation's leading pro-knife state and setting the example for other states to follow.

The nomination acknowledges Representative Coffey's steadfast defense of knife rights and her tireless industry advocacy.