ALG's Daily Grind: Consider California, Illinois EU-Style Failed States

May 25, 2012

Consider California, Illinois EU-Style Failed States

Once crisis hit, politicians in Europe and the U.S. have compounded their problems by relying on bailouts and tax hikes when they should have been undertaking long overdue reductions in the size and scope of government.

Cartoon: Spotless Record

Obama has a spotless record.

Obama's unreal world

Obama administration Interior Department official stunningly states, in connection to their rewrite of the 2008 Stream Buffer Rule, "this is not the real world, this is rulemaking".

General Meese's Robust Defense of Originalist Jurispruduence Should Figure into 2012

Edwin Meese in 1985: "By seeking to judge policies in light of principles, rather than remold principles in light of policies, the Court could avoid the charge of incoherence and the charge of being either too conservative or too liberal."