Free Keene News - Activists Chanted At, Thrown Out of Biden Event

Joe Biden Supporters Attempt to Drown Out Questions By Chanting, “Yes we can!”

Liberty activists are removed from Keene State College, banned for the day.  Being as liberty activists in Keene already made news by crashing Romney, Santorum, and Huntsman campaign speeches, it was time to give the Democrats their "equal time". (By the way, Gingerich mysteriously canceled his visit to Keene, likely after his staff heard what happened to his counterparts.) Earlier this week, Kelly Voluntaryist and Graham Freeman make it into an allegedly invite-only Obama campaign event with Joe Biden and attempt to ask questions to bring attention to the new total-police-state policy of "indefinite detention". In response, some in the surrounding crowd attempt to shout them down by chanting, "Yes we can!", whenever Kelly or Graham speak.

See the video here.