Supplementing their aggressive social media strategy, Cilley campaign launches an interactive webpage to host all their online platforms

Barrington, NH –  After months of using free or low-cost social media applications for organizing and fundraising under the direction of Blue Hampshire  co-founder Dean Barker, Jackie Cilley's campaign went live with a webpage designed to serve as a welcome mat for voters wishing to learn more about the race and a hub for the campaign's ongoing social media efforts.

"We've made every effort to keep our burn rate low – spending as little as possible and using free assets, volunteer help, and grassroots and social organizing tools," said Liz Merry, Jackie's campaign director, adding "Our online impact has expanded by leaps and bounds and we've now grown into the need for a one-stop clearinghouse for our web campaign."

The webpage can be seen at www.jackiecilley.com.